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AM Localize is our brand for professional language solutions based in Vietnam. Our presence in Vietnam empowers us to have absolute control over the quality of our translations into Vietnamese.

The Vietnamese Language Around The World

Vietnamese is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people and the official language of Vietnam. Vietnamese is spoken mainly in Vietnam with more than 80 million native people, and more than 4 million Vietnamese residing in the United States, France, England, Germany, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Russia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, and other jurisdictions all over the world.

Fast And Reliable Vietnamese Translation Services

Fast and reliable translations will be a key for businesses to gain advantage and confidence in the globalized competitive and dynamic market. Any of our translations, whether normal, urgent or super-urgent timeline is required, always ensures the generally recognized translation quality standards.

Vietnamese Linguists With In-Depth Skill

With nearly 5000 Vietnamese linguists globally, AM Localize confidently provides Vietnamese translation solutions to meet all, and the most demanding, requirements in terms of quality – timeline – volume.

Ready To Translate Your Contents To Vietnamese

Whichever expertise your contents involve, or whichever languages that are required, we always have the right resources available for direct translations into Vietnamese.

High-Quality Vietnamese To English Translation

Very often, a translation from Vietnamese to English can only meet the reading comprehension criteria. At AM Localize, our team of English experts can meet all requirements in terms of accuracy, linguistic identity, professionalism and courtesy of the native English language.

Leading In Specialized Translation

We design language solutions that are tailored for each individual client, optimizing our accumulated knowledge to provide our clients the translation products with the highest values.

On-Demand Customized Services

We are always eager to design the services that best suit your needs based on our proven quality foundation. This allows services to be delivered quickly at optimized quality and cost.

What You Can Expect From AM

Human-made translations
Short turnaround time, usually within 24 hours​
Services rendered with our best capabilities​
Jobs done with the highest quality​
Transparency in our decisions and in what we do​

Currently applicable standards

ISO 9001:2015 — Quality management systems (Providing of Language Services (Translation, Localization, Digital Content) — CERTIFIED​
ISO 17100:2015 — Translation services — ON-GOING​
ISO/IEC 27001:2018 — Information Security Management — ON-GOING​
ISO 18587:2017 Translation services — Post-editing of machine translation output — ON-GOING​

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Frequently asked questions

TEP is the core of a high-quality translation process.
  • T mean Translation step
  • E mean Editing step
  • P mean Proofreading step
Document translation is based on a per word rate, which varies depending on the language. The cost also depends on what other services are required, such as formatting, number of pages, and more.

Machine translation is the instant transformation of text from one language to another using artificial intelligence.

A human translation, on the other hand, involves real brainpower, in the form of one or more translators translating the text manually.

A certified translation is a translation that’s accompanied by a signed statement from a language service provider (LSP) stating that the translation is valid and accurate. It also includes the translator’s qualifications. A certified translation is most commonly required in legal translations, such as birth certificates, death certificates, business contracts, and other legal documents.

ISO has several standards for quality management systems. A language service provider should have the applicable ISO certifications. We have the following ISO certifications:
  • ISO 9001:2015 – a general quality standard for any business of any size
  • ISO 17100:2015 – designed for translation providers
  • ISO 13485:2016 – designed for those in the medical device industry
  • ISO 18587:2017 – translations produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT)
  • ISO 14971:2019 – risk management for medical device companies
  • ISO/IEC 27001 — Information security management
Linguistic Quality Assurance (also known as LQA) involves verifying the precision of a translation for its cultural accuracy, linguistic phrasing, terminology, and so on. The goal is to ensure absolute accuracy and the highest quality of the localized content.
A translation memory (TM) is a database containing source content and the associated translated content. A TM lowers costs by populating projects with word segments that have already been translated while also maintaining consistency and quality, and decreasing time to market. You can benefit from using a TM for any type of content, from technical to software to website translations.