Translation in accordance with ISO standards

To provide translation services in accordance with the abovementioned ISO standards, We focuse on meeting the requirements related to three core issues, including: Human resources, Technological resources, and Processes for the delivery of a translation service.

We are a translation service provider (TSP) with a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, aiming to provide services in accordance with ISO 17100 – an international standard providing requirements for translation services. This article will provide you with an overview of the Translation in accordance with ISO standards at AM Localize.

Human resources in accordance with ISO standards?

All people involved in the processes for delivery of translation services in accordance with ISO standards at AM Vietnam, including both internal and outsourced employees (Part-timers), are fully qualified and certified in accordance with the following specific requirements:

For Translators:

Regarding certifications, all our Translators have:
  • Graduated from university or received higher education with a major in translation; or
  • Graduated from university with a major other than translation and at least two years of professional translation experience; or
  • Upto 5 years of professional translation experience.
Regarding qualifications, Translators involved in the delivery of translation services in accordance with ISO standards must:
  • Clearly understand source language and have an excellent command of target language.
  • Accurately translate the content from source language into target language in compliance with the requirements, instructions, terminology/references provided by the clients, spelling and punctuation rules in target language, ensuring appropriate terminology, content coherence, and appropriate, natural style in target language.
  • Research and acquire linguistic and specialized knowledge necessary to understand source language content and translate it into target language.
  • Using information technology tools and systems to help with the entire translation process.

For Reviewers:

Translators at AM Vietnam who fully meet the abovementioned certification and qualification requirements can assume the role of Reviewer after at least two years of translation experience in related fields.

For Specialized Reviewers:

At AM Vietnam, Specialized Review is carried out by qualified, certified Reviewers or by experts, or people highly experienced in related fields.

For Project Managers:

Project Manager is an indispensable role in delivery of translation services in accordance with ISO standards. A Project Manager must have:

  • the right qualifications to communicate with clients, assist the company in delivery of translation services, satisfy clients’ specific requirements, expectations and instructions for each project, and 
  • he/she must know the translation industry well with great insight on the company’s translation processes, and the most importantly
  • a project manager must have management experience and extraordinary management skills to lead teams toward meeting the increasingly strict requirements of domestic and international clients.

Technological resources in accordance with ISO standards?

We have the infrastructure to ensure the availability and usage of the following equipment:

  • Technical equipment enabling efficient completion of translation projects, safe and secure processing, storage, recovery and destruction of relevant data and documents in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Communication equipment including hardware and software.
  • Translation tools, translation management systems, terminology management systems, and other systems for management of translation-related linguistic resources.

Translation processes in accordance with ISO standards?

We plan and follow pre-production, production and post-production processes. We have pre-production processes to prepare and analyze clients’ requirements, determine project feasibility, create quotes, and enter into contracts with clients.

Other activities are also performed including: collecting and processing additional information from the clients, preparing the project in terms of administrative, technical and linguistic aspects, including terminology and style guide.

During production, we adhere to project management processes (assumed by Project Manager) and translation processes including steps such as Translating-Checking, Language Review, Specialized Review, Proofreading, Finalizing and delivery.

AM Localize has post-production processes for receiving, responding and processing in accordance with clients’ feedback so that the translation when put into use will be completely suitable for its intended use.

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